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Founded in 2017 with a bold vision, Totality Corp has continuously pushed the boundaries of technology and design. Over the past seven years, we have created a diverse range of tech products for the B2C market, starting with our real money gaming platform MGPL, followed by the interactive video social media app Yovo, and the metaverse project Zionverse. Our journey of innovation continues with our AI-based synthetic media product, Never, and our latest ventures in sustainability and investment management. Greenr: Driving Sustainability Goals Greenr, our clean tech project, empowers teams to drive sustainability goals. Our platform facilitates the education, motivation, coordination, and achievement of green initiatives within companies. By measuring and reducing carbon emissions and fostering employee engagement, we are committed to the critical mission of Net Zero. GenAI for Investment Management Our cutting-edge AI solutions revolutionize investment management by automating research processes. This agentic workflow provides investors with a powerful advantage in today's dynamic markets, making informed decisions faster and more efficiently. What sets us apart: Proven Success: With multiple user bases in the millions, we have a track record of bringing ideas to life and scaling them effectively. Continuous Learning: We thrive on iteration and adaptation, applying our expertise to new and emerging fields to stay ahead of the curve. Impact-driven Approach: Beyond just creating technology, we use it to solve pressing problems and contribute to a better future for all. At Totality Corp, we believe in the transformative power of innovation to address real-world challenges. Leveraging AI's potential, we unlock new possibilities in finance and sustainability, creating a positive impact that transcends the digital realm. Join us as we redefine innovation at the dynamic intersection of AI and positive change.
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Totality Corp envisions leveraging AI for positive global impact in finance and sustainability. Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations to tackle real-world challenges, driving innovation and positive change. Join us in shaping a future where technology serves as a catalyst for progress and a force for good.
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